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Four benefits of industrial and commercial rooftop solar panels power generation

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Update time : 2024-01-30 14:59:55

Now some enterprises for the roof construction of photovoltaic power plants is not as doubtful as in the past, the wisdom of energy use, saving electricity costs has been highly concerned.

Taking production enterprises as an example, they are often high energy consumption units, when the peak of electricity consumption, electricity problem is the first thing they face, plus in recent years, the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, in order to ensure that some enterprises often spontaneously build backup emergency power supply, to make up for the shortage of electricity during the peak. Photovoltaic power generation is an inexhaustible new energy, from centralized power stations to distributed power stations, enterprises and individuals have greater changes in the cognition of photovoltaic power generation.

At present, photovoltaic power stations mainly have two types of applications, one is a large ground power station, mainly distributed in the northwest of the sparsely populated places; Secondly, distributed photovoltaic power plants, such as family roofs, industrial and commercial roofs, complementary fishing and light, etc., and industrial and commercial roofs, as an important application market for distributed photovoltaic power plants, are now being pushed to a high level. Factory buildings usually have large roof area, flat roof, less shelter, large electricity consumption and high electricity price, which is very suitable for the installation of photovoltaic power generation systems based on self-use. Industrial and commercial photovoltaic power stations are not limited by the distribution of resources, the use of idle resources of building roofs, no noise, no pollution.

Four benefits of industrial and commercial rooftop solar panel power generation

1.Enterprises will benefit for at least 20 years by revitalizing fixed assets and reducing their electricity bills

The use of corporate roofs to build photovoltaic power stations is a one-time investment for enterprises, and it is a stable income every day. We all know that industrial and commercial electricity costs are much higher than civil electricity, and the annual electricity expenditure is not cheap, and after the installation of photovoltaic power generation, to achieve self-use, surplus electricity online, in addition to reducing the cost of electricity, but also enjoy the national subsidies for photovoltaic power generation.

2.Reduce the energy consumption of enterprises and alleviate the problem of electricity shortage

The problem of energy consumption for production enterprises has always existed, especially during the peak period of electricity consumption, enterprises have adopted various power generation systems to supplement, but the input is high and the output is low. Therefore, many enterprises choose photovoltaic power generation, because the investment cost is relatively low, the power generation is relatively stable, and the photovoltaic power generation time is basically the same as the peak period of enterprise electricity consumption, and the peak cutting effect is really achieved.

3.Energy saving and emission reduction, improve the environment, enhance the corporate social image

After the installation of photovoltaic power stations on the roof of enterprises, the comprehensive utilization of solar energy and buildings will not only enable enterprises to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction, but also fulfill the social responsibility of improving the surrounding environment and increase the reputation.

4.Heat insulation and cooling, improve the working environment of employees

Photovoltaic power plant construction on the plant, to a certain extent to play a cooling effect, especially in the summer, usually can make the workshop reduce 3-6℃, for workers engaged in production undoubtedly improve the working environment, for enterprises also reduce the cost of cooling electricity.

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