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How much do you know about photovoltaic half-piece modules? | DSBsolar

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Update time : 2024-03-08 11:33:40

Compared with conventional components, the main increased costs in the manufacturing process include battery slicing, auxiliary materials and labor costs, equipment depreciation costs, and so on. However, the power of the half piece component can be increased by 5W-10W or even higher than that of the same type of component. As component prices continue to fall, the overall system cost of the half-piece component is reduced.

1. Technology

The standard battery is cut into the same two half cells in the direction perpendicular to the main grid line of the battery by laser cutting method, and then welded in series.

Since the voltage of the solar crystalline silicon cell is independent of the area, and the power is proportional to the area, the voltage of the half cell is unchanged compared with the whole cell, the power is halved, and the current is halved.

2. Process

In order to ensure that the overall output voltage and current of the conventional component are consistent, the half battery component is generally designed in series-parallel structure, which is equivalent to two components connected in parallel.

As for the packaging technology, the half battery components are the same as the regular components, which are packaged in tempered glass, EVA and backplane. The junction box will be different, generally using a three-piece junction box.

In the process, the process change of the half piece component is simple, because the number of cells doubled, the battery series welding time will also be doubled, the difficulty is that the busbar lead line from the middle of the back of the component, and the busbar welding automation will also promote the rapid development of the half piece of the battery component to a certain extent.

3. Characteristics

Due to the reduction of internal circuits and internal consumption, packaging efficiency is improved; In addition, the operating temperature of the component is reduced, which reduces the probability of hot spots and improves the reliability and safety of the component. In the aspect of shadow occlusion, due to the unique design, it has better anti-occlusion performance than the conventional components. Compared with traditional components, half-chip components are mainly manifested in three aspects:

  1. Reduce heat, reduce temperature loss: Due to the reduction of internal current and internal losses, the operating temperature of the components and junction boxes is reduced, and the risk of heat spots and damage to the entire component is greatly reduced. In the outdoor working state of the component, the temperature of the half component is about 1.6℃ lower than that of the conventional whole component.
  2. Reduce occlusion loss: With its special parallel structure, the half-piece assembly can improve the utilization rate of support and land while reducing the power generation loss caused by shadow occlusion.
  3. Improve packaging efficiency: The packaging loss of conventional components is generally greater than 1%, and the half-piece components are generally about 0.2%. Therefore, the half-chip components take advantage of the low current characteristics to effectively improve the packaging efficiency of the components.
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